The Enabling Act

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Amazing Grace (Enabled Me)

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That which enabled me

The courage that I've never found
And now from shame I'm free

James Morasco

We're leaving for outer space today
And I can't take any of my friends
Because they took off all their space suits
Back in seventh grade, growing up never ends

We're leaving and we're not coming back
We've got fuel to carry us one way
Sorry to everyone left behind
Maybe I'll see you again one day

So we're taking off, taking off, taking off

Before we left our lives were boring
And now we're falling into the sun
Now we're chasing the greatest glory
We made it, dead or alive we've won

We'll be long gone before they find us
Skeletons floating in garbage shot
Off into the black, but don't worry
Our memories aren't just an afterthought

Our skin rotting off, rotting off, rotting off

The best of luck to all of you who've
Decided to become movie stars
Or accountants or doctors or cops
Or mechanics fixing cars

Goodbye, my friends, I'll be sure to send
A postcard when I get where I'm headed
Sadly, I think Jupiter's mailman
James Marasco is already dead

So please remember me as I was
Smiling and putting on my helmet
And as always, just tell my mother
If she asks you, tell her not to fret

So we're taking off, taking off, taking off
And dead or alive we've won, we've won

Quiet Street

Can I ever forgive you
For what you did to me?
Can I ever forget all those times
When you spoke dishonestly?
Do you remember that
Quiet street that we were on
When you told me you loved me
And the next day you were gone

Did you ever think about me?
Did you write a song about me?
Did you ever believe I'd forget you
After we moved on?

Can you ever forgive me
For all the things I've done?
Can you ever learn to live with
The person I've become?
Do you remember that
Quiet street was all we had?
And I took it and broke it,
All because I was mad

Did you ever think about me?
Did you write a song about me?
Did you ever believe I'd forget you
After we moved on?
But did we ever move on?


Hello, little Dipper,
Shimmering above us.
You don’t know any better,
Than for you to know us.

I know you're all alone.
I know you can’t descend.
Can’t pull these stars together,
Into constellation friends.

We want to see you,
So let us look at you
Just a little longer.

Sing to us, big dipper,
Tell us we’ll be alright –
As long as we remember
To look to you tonight.

Show me your northern star,
Lead me to the road.
Let me meet your little one,
Before I grow too old.

Show us your wondrous ways.
Give us a reason to stargaze,
Just a little longer.


Eye of newt, lizard tail
Insect wing, and blustery gail
Vexed me with your velvet voice
Left me with no choice

Bewitched by Beezlebub's bitch
Bubbling serum had me hitched
Hot pink heart neon sign
Smoke encircled siren

Watch what you say to me
I will never be free
Watch what you say to me
I will never be free


It's 4 o'clock in the morning,
And I’ve been driving since midnight
The stretch of pavement ahead of me and
The headlights on my left are streaks of white

I didn’t mean to hurt you like this
I messed it all up, I’ll admit
I didn’t mean to drive you away
And now I’m looking for the next exit

And I’ve been drinking so long
I can barely see my hands on the wheel
And I’ve been weeping so long
One look at me would tell you how I feel

So I’ll keep on driving I-65
While you keep on sleeping peacefully
And I'll keep following the glaring red eyes
Of the brake lights in front of me

And I’ll tell you one last thing
As I start to drift into the blinding sun
I briefly chased after the greatest glory
And even when I crash I’ve won

So I’m taking off, taking off
The car burning up, burning up
My skin rotting off, rotting off
At least I never gave you up

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