Acoustic Session

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Your Moon

When your moon’s as high as can be
Go to the woods, come looking for me
Into the woods, come looking for me
I’ll be waiting by the big oak tree

When the crickets are singing their song
I’ll bring my guitar and we’ll sing along
You bring your voice for to sing along
The sun’s on it’s way so don’t take too long

When the leaves are turning to red
And your parents are turning to bed
When those in your house are ready for bed
Come out, take the path where the deer tread

My love, dance with me, we have all night
We’ll be with each other until the light
We can be together ’til morning light
And they say there’s no love at first sight


You give the sea your devoted love
While you reside in stars above
And while the sea will never leave
It is always reaching for you
Luna, Goddess of the Moon

While we build our monuments
You just watch in reverence
And while I climb, I can't let you find
My hand reaching out for you
Luna, Goddess of the Moon

If you only knew
Our perfection looks like you
The poems and the stories we write
Inspired merely by your sight

The craters of your crest
Where your endurance shines best
And we clamor to see the dark side of the moon
But Luna, that’s up to you
Goddess of the Moon

I’m content with watching you reach
For the sea, I am not as broad or deep
But I want you to believe,
If only you could believe

You were worth crashing down for
Goddess of the Moon

Window to Winter

Can you close the window?
It covers us in snow
Father leaves it agape
And our breath takes its shape

Father says it’s just right
And it lets in the light
His whiskey keeps him warm
While we survive the storm

Baby Lily cries, cold
Susan’s blue fingers fold
And my shoulders shudder
We stare at the shutters

Father thinks we feel his warmth
But we only see storms
His rage, we feel the blow
Will you close the window?

Hand in Hand

Hand in hand, feet in the sand
Our faces to sea, our backs to the land
The wind whips your hair, it seems you don't mind
I've always loved that about you

Sun sets down, we're lying now
Your body's still warm in your cooling gown
If you think you're weak, then you must be blind
If only I could convince you

Rising moon, middle of June
Our laughter is lost to the afternoon
My heart is bursting, and you don't know
I've always wondered why you care

Burning slow, our love will grow
Or maybe we just feel the afterglow?
Only time will tell, til then we'll just go
Enjoying the memories we bear

We can't say, where this road goes
But if there's one thing that I know
These candles left beneath our paper skin
Will burn when our feet feel the sand again

And I know that you want that too
I've always loved that about you

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